Doc Yale

DejaVu All Over Again – Once More, DocYale.Com is Back

Two years ago Doc Yale and the SOB announced that we were back. But something interfered with our plans in 2020 as it did for so many of us. But we detect a change in the wind and we intend to ride it with a renewed stream of stuff – serious, silly, practical and perhaps stupid stuff—starting with our reflections on the new administration.

On the Departure of Donald Trump / Innauguration 2021

 This website was started in large part as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. And in large part our his administration has been far worse than we could imagine at the time. Our post of

“Which brings DY to what he considers the most shocking/startling/unnerving realization of this election�that the institutions that have been an article of faith for many people for decades may not be permanent.  They include:

  • Free speech and a free press
  • A legal system based on law and equality under the law
  • Government of the people, by the people, and for the people (including future generations)

Now most thoughtful people realize that these institutions are far from perfect�but there was a faith that society could have them as ideals and that such a society could and would move to improve them.  Suddenly, these assumptions seem to no longer be there.  Pundits talk not about �the next election� in four years but rather about �if there will be another election�.  The ingrained optimism that our system with checks and balances could outlive and outmaneuver a crazy man is no longer there.”

Now we don’t claim to be prescient as many others were expressing the same fears. But, like others we do see in his repudiation at the polls a sliver of optimism that the tide is turning. We don’t care to rehash all the history of lies and evil actions of the Donald. However we want to caution those who think the worst is over.

The Donald had three overriding characteristics: he was arrogant, stupid, and uncaring. His arrogance is common with those to the manor born and he is no exception. His stupidity is remarkable considering the opportunlities he has had to become marginally educated. (see Menken quote in DocYale). He showed himself to be not only uninformed on many issues but uninterested or uncurious to learn about them. Finally, he demonstrated that he cares nothing about the people or the government of this country.

Although we disgree with Joe Biden on many issues, we look forward to his presidency. He is neither excesively arrogant nor stupid. And he clearly cares about the country, the people of this country and the laws and rituals of the democracy that he has inherited.

But we must leave with a caveat. The actions of the last four years—and especially the lst month have shown how perilousluy close we are to losing our democracy. Trump has failed to install the dictatorship he coveted but someone with more smarts could be more succesful in the future.