Doc Yale

Doc Yale's Manifesto
Doc Yale's thoughts on civilization and tribes

Reading Daniel Quinns tome entitled  If They Give You Lined Paper – Write Sideways   and following the confrontations at Standing Rock – I thought it was time to resurrect Doc Yale’s Manifesto. 

Doc Yale’s Manifesto

  • Civilization has failed both the planet and the humans who evolved with it.
  • Capitalism, the handmaiden of Civilization, has also failed both.
  • Neither Science nor its application, Technology, can solve the problems of Civilization and Capitalism.
  • Civilization, Capitalism, Science and Technology have been nourished by the Myth of Progress.
  • Belief in Progress has been fortified by stories, songs, cults and art that glorified it.
  • The only social organization that has survived and nourished both planet and humans is The Tribe.
  • The Myth of Progress has been used to justify the destruction, enslavement, and extermination of Tribes.
  • Extermination of Tribes was accompanied by the deliberate destruction or denigration of the tribal culture, language, stories, and 
  • But Tribes are still here—deep within, on the outskirts, or outside of Civilization.
  • We are all descended from Tribal People and have similar emotions, instincts, and abilities as our ancestors.
  • And though we may not think of it or label it this way we are Tribal People trying to keep our sanity and survive in the midst of Civilization.
  • Tribal People are restoring their stories, their art, their history.
  • Tribal People have always recognized the need to “eat, drink and be merry.” So we shall, and with a nod to Ed Abbey, “we will outlive the bastards”. 

I state this with total acknowledgement that Daniel Quinn has been instrumental in leading me to these conclusions – especially his book Beyond Civilization.  If these thoughts in the “Manifesto” upset or intrigue you then you may want to read some more of his works.   Quinn is most famous for his novel Ishmael but he has written a number of others some of which I have read.  In cleaning up our “study” and building new bookshelves a few weeks ago I discovered a stack of Quinn books that he had sent us years ago.  I intend to read them all this winter (except the translation to Chinese).  Quinn is a deep thinker and I have never read any of his writing that did not help me look at the world in a new light. You will be reading more about DQ here in the future.