Doc Yale

DocYale.Com is back!
The Treehouse    photo by Svetla

After nearly two years, is back. Reassembled and reinvigorated, editorial staff will be adding stuff - serious stuff, silly stuff, maybe even some useful stuff - at an as yet undisclosed pace.

Where did we go?

In mid 2017, the main contributors, Doc Yale and the SOB (Son Of a Biologist) shifted attention to the Trump the Swamp card deck. Doc Yale accepted full-time employment shortly thereafter, and the SOB became ever more obsessed with treehouse building. 

Why are we back?

Mainly because Doc Yale's employment situation has changed. No, he wasn't fired. (Why would you even think that?) The SOB still works a few days a week, but treehousing gets put on hold during Winter in Mendocino County. And although we spend most of our time in the dirt and looking for lost garden tools (Doc), snuggling with cats (SOB), playing pinochle (both) something in the universe has changed*, allowing us to do more of the things we want. 

* Bernie Sanders running for president 2020