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Grizzlies, Guns and Betsy DeVos
Why we need guns in schools to protect kids from grizzlies
In schools last 4 years: Humans: about 110, Grizzlies: 0

Doc Yale didn’t really plan to have more than one post on education this week but the news coming out of the swamp and the dire need for more clarity on critical issues facing the nation have stimulated him to post a little more on the subject.


Yesterday, Betsy DeVos, the Donald’s pick for Secretary of Education was quizzed about the need for guns in schools.  Her response was:

“I will refer back to Sen. Enzi and the school he was talking about in Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine that there is probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies."

Now, admittedly Ms. DeVos has never held a job in her life, never worked at any level in government, and never had any experience as a teacher, PTA member, educator or any other involvement with schools.  In fact, neither she nor any of her children have ever attended public schools (for fear of bears?).  So we can’t really fault her for not knowing anything about education.  But you would think that she would at least have an opinion and some knowledge about guns in schools.  After all her brother, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater , is a great killer, a  Prince in the Mercenary Armies, someone who knows about guns and their uses. 

And what is more disturbing is that the Republican chair of the committee limited the Democratic senators to five minutes of questioning Ms. DeVos.  This inevitably cut into time for follow up questions which this statement called for.  Let us suggest a few:

Ms. DeVos, how many incidents have there been in the last ten years of grizzly bears attacking kids in school?


Given your concern about grizzley bears in school playgrounds, how many and what caliber guns should be available in schools?


How many states in the country have populations of grizzly bears, and should we be concerned about such bears crossing state lines to raid public schools?’

Ms. DeVos will need to brush up on these subjects and perhaps learn a little about public education while she is at it.  It sounds like the learning curve may be pretty steep.