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The Meaning of Trump
A street level (slang) definition of "trump"

The Meaning of Trump

The Donald Breaking Wind

Out of curiosity I consulted my “Slang Dictionary”[1] to see what the street-level definition of “trump” was.  To my surprise it was a “breaking of wind” and I presume all of you know what that is. 

The complete citation (p403)  is:

Trump a breaking of wind. Df. ARS MUSICA, BLOW THE HORN, TOOT (sense 6), TRILL.  For synonyms see GURK. [British slang, late 1700s]

If you’re still confused,  the definition of “gurk” is ‘to release intestinal gas audibly’ (p176). 

So, I guess starting January 20 we should all endeavor to avoid being down-wind of our president.

[1] Slang and Eupheism –A dictionary of oaths, curses, insults, sexual slang and metaphor, racial slurs, drug talk Homosexual llingo, and related matters by Richard A. Spears. 1981. Jonathan David Publishers, 448pp.